group show TASCHEN
Curated by Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu
Thursday, September 30 – Saturday, October 30

Music by Jimmy Jams of Windows

Exhibiting photographers: Pedro Arieta, Christian Chaize, John Cyr, Jessica Eaton, Tealia Ellis Ritter, Andrew Fladeboe, Anna Gonzalez-Huix Miro, Robin Juan, Jin Lee, Michael Marcelle, Samuel Morgan, Soi Park, Carlo van de Roer, Brian Shumway, Youngsuk Suh, Bill Sullivan, Sophia Wallace, and Sarah Wilmer.

TASCHEN and Humble Arts Foundation are delighted to announce group show TASCHEN, an exhibition of 18 photographers from around the globe. Curated by Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu from an international open call, this exhibition follows Humble’s vision of fusing and collapsing photographic genres. Documentary becomes conceptual, portraits are "conceptual" or “process oriented;” and the notion of photojournalistic truth is neither entirely refuted, nor taken for granted. Among these artists, Brian Shumway and Sophia Wallace’s images similarly converge traditional elements of fashion photography with explorations of race, gender sexuality; John Cyr uses typologies of famous photographers’ black and white developer trays to document the near-death of the darkroom process, while Carlo Van Der Roer’s “Aura Portraits” question notions of social, scientific and photographic accuracy.  As such, the ideas represented by these 18 photographers are more fluid than ever before, and when shown together, encourage viewers to examine photography’s tenuous future. 


selected works

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installation views

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